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Tampa State Bank Sponsors Economic Development Grant
Awards from FHLBank Topeka will support preserving a community landmark

Tampa, KSDavid Mueller, Tampa Downtown Renovation, in partnership with Tamp State Bank, has been awarded a $25,000 economic development grant to help fund the Tampa Cafe project, roof repair, HVAC and bathroom replacement.

FHLBank, a wholesale financial institution of which Tampa State Bank is a member, awarded the grant through its Joint Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) program. JOBS helps financial institutions throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma promote jobs and economic growth in their communities.

Renovate the empty café as the town has no eating establishment, the closest is 10 miles away.  21 construction jobs will be created for roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and ceiling repair.  4 regular jobs will be created to staff the café and pay competitive local wages.
Repairs will be made to the roof, replace 30 year old HVAC system, bathrooms will be upgraded and allow handicap accessibility and water damage repaired. 

FHLBank Topeka is one of 12 wholesale banks nationwide that provide liquidity and various programs that help community financial institutions meet the residential housing finance and economic development needs of their communities. FHLBank Topeka serves nearly 830 financial institution members in its district of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

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