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Officers, Directors, and Employees of the Tampa State Bank:
Christopher G. Costello,Chairman of the Board, President
Michele C. Lundy, Executive Vice-President, Director, Secretary of the Board
Kent Becker, Vice-President, Director
William Lundy, Vice-President, Director
Kelly Novak, Director
Teresa Perky, Director
Don Bredemeier, Director
Julie K. Kerbs, Vice President
Kevin Fruechting, Vice President
Tina Clement, Asst. Cashier
Traci Helmer, Asst. Cashier
Dainne Shipman, Asst. Cashier
Tami Williams, Asst. Cashier
Shaina Shafer, Asst. Cashier
Alisha Barney, Asst. Cashier
Monica Svoboda
Megan Suffield

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